Harbour Town Golf course description

Harbour Town’s nine-hole course is a treat.  Calling this layout a ‘pitch-and-putt’ facility hardly does it justice – this course may be short, but it still offers the feel of a ‘proper’ test of golf and since each has two or three tee-boxes it can be played to a full 18 holes.  Built to USGA specifications, right down to the use of silicate sand in the bunkers, the course is an exceptional example of artistic shaping and, while it is clear that a considerable amount of earth was moved during construction, it has a pleasing, natural feel to it. Best of all is the way in which the indigenous veld grasses have been planted in between the cynodon fairways, and the bent grass greens are as good as could be found on any of our premier courses.  The more proficient players might assume that armed with a few wedges and a trusty putter, they would simply be able to knock their ball on the greens and hole a few putts, but there is a lot more to playing this quaint layout.  For starters, the changes in the elevation mean that carrying the ball specific distances, even if only in the 60- to 150-metre range is not as easy as it may seem.  And once hitting the undulating but receptive targets, the spin on the ball must be controlled, or some wicked putts or awkward bunker shots will be faced.  The collection areas around the greens do allow for players to attempt fancy lob-shots, standard chipshots or putts, but getting around here in ‘level threes’ is no easy task.  In fact, with some imaginative positioning of the pins, level par would be impossible for most players.

There is no better place for golfers to sharpen their wedge play and their short games, yet even the novice is sure to have fun negotiating the mounds and hollows and learning the art of matching speed and direction on the greens.  A round takes and hour depending on the skill of the golfers and some 40 people can be accommodated on the course, making the facility very attractive for corporate golf events.