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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where is Harbour Town?
      Harbour Town is situated approximately one hour’s drive south-west of Johannesburg on the western shoreline of the ‘Gauteng Peninsular’ of the Vaal Dam. The position is arguably one of the best on the Vaal Dam for the following reasons: • There are open highways or roads from Johannesburg to the site • As one of the last remaining prime sites on the Gauteng side it is regarded as • having a higher value property • Access to deep water - part of one of the largest man-made harbours in the • Southern hemisphere • Opposite Gauteng’s largest island • Centrally situated in the heart of the fastest growing area • One of the most picturesque settings available • Ideal topography for views of the harbour, dam and hills (an approximate 2 to • 2,5-metre fall across each stand) • Completed developments on either side • Close to all existing amenities, including airfield etc Maps to Harbour Town from Johannesburg are available from our web site at www.vaal-harbourtown.co.za or from our offices.
    • Why the Vaal Dam?
      The Vaal Dam is probably the most under-utilised recreational asset available to residents in Gauteng. Given the growth in popularity of all water sports and changes in life style, it is now being re-discovered by many people. Many of the current home owners on the Vaal Dam consider the dam their private jewel or paradise. It is the closest thing that people in Gauteng have to the sea. Consider these facts: • There is over 800 kilometres of shoreline and sandy beaches! • It is the largest inland body of water in South Africa with a surface area of • 352km2 (nearly 30 times larger than Hartbeespoort Dam) • Host to the world’s largest inland boat race (Guinness Book of World Records) – • Round the Island • Nearly 100 kilometres of navigable water • Waves of over 1 metre high during high winds and storms • Clean non-polluted water - the catchment area is to the south of the Dam to the • edge of Lesotho – i.e. not through populated areas (we drink it every day) • Boating and water sports haven • Magnificent (seascape) sunsets • Major potential for investment
    • What is Harbour Town?
      Harbour Town is a unique secure marina residential estate that offers owners the true harbour feel of a waterfront - only one hour from Johannesburg. The estate comprises 221 residential erven or stands, 6 recreational and or park areas (including a “Chip and Putt” golf facility), 2 waterfront and dam areas, a site for the Club House and its facilities, a boatyard site, a trailer park site as well as an area for rubbish management. There will be site that will be initially designated as a builder’s yard – its later use will be determined by the Home Owners’ Association. All of these areas will form part a secure gated community similar to any of the large residential or recreational estates elsewhere in the country.
    • What about urban and town planning?
      Meyer Pienaar, one of South Africa’s leading architectural and urban planning firms was chosen to conceptualise and design the site layout and architectural guidelines for Harbour Town. The development is unique in that the density is extremely low for a project of this nature. Where normal urban guidelines for modern gated communities would call for a density of eight to ten units a hectare, Harbour Town has been designed with less than half this amount - only four and a half units per hectare. This allows for substantial park, recreational and open spaces. The stands or erven are sold on a freehold basis so that you own your land and ownership is registerable in the Government Deeds Office. Each stand owner will be required by the title deed to become a member of the Harbour Town Home Owners’ Association (HHOA) and to follow its rules and regulations as well as to contribute to its levies. In addition, given the freehold status of the stands, individual owners will be responsible for the payment of their own rates, taxes, water and electricity consumption. Stands vary in size from the smallest at 813 km2 to the largest at 2423 km2 with the majority of stands being an average size of approximately 1150 km2. (Allowing ample space for staff quarters, garaging, private gardens and pools etc.) Only one dwelling unit is allowed per stand with a coverage of 60 percent for single storey homes and 50 percent for double storey homes. (Note: double storey homes are only permitted on the boundary or where demarcated on the site plan.) The maximum F.A.R. (floor area ratio) or bulk factor is ,6 i.e. 60 percent of the stand size. Great care has been taken with the layout to preserve virtually all of the indigenous bush, trees and various features of the site with roadways designed to meander between the homes giving all owners easy access to the numerous parks or facilities.
    • What about security?
      Firstly there is the security of your investment to consider. Your deposit is invested in your name under the control of the transferring attorneys. Your money earns you interest until the stand is transferred into your name. As you will have freehold title, the most secure form of ownership, you own the land and the buildings you construct on that land. As Harbour Town is a unique product in a rapidly developing environment, the likelihood of a similar scheme in the near future is fairly remote. This fact safeguards your investment because to replace the harbour at today’s prices would conservatively cost over forty million Rands, rendering a similar project commercially unviable). The comprehensive architectural guidelines will also benefit the owners’ financial security. The Accolade Property Group is the developer and given their track record as well as their long-term commitment to the project, your investment is anchored to a sound platform. Access to Harbour Town in Vaal le Mer, is only possible via a single road through the village of Vaal Marina. This road passes the area’s largest police station which also houses the South African Police’s ‘dam patrol’ to provide a very visible policing presence on the Dam. Aside from the natural security of living on a peninsular, the five-lane security gatehouse controls access and egress to the residential estate manually and electronically. This gatehouse as well as the guard hut on the waterfront next to the boathouse complex will be manned on a 24-hour basis. The guards will also carry out patrols within the estate and on the waterfront. Only residents and their invited guests or contractors will be admitted. The entire estate will be surrounded by either a 3-metre tall solid boundary wall capped with an eight-strand high voltage electric fence or a 2.7-metre steel palisade fence combined with a 30-strand high voltage electric ‘piggyback’ fence.
    • What is the Harbour Town Homeowners Association (HHOA)?
      The HHOA, will be a company not for gain, incorporated in terms of section 21 of the Companies Act, 1973. All owners of erven in Harbour Town, including The Accolade Property Group as the developer, become members of the HHOA upon registration of transfer and are bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association, as by the Estate Rules, Architectural Guidelines and Club Rules which have been adopted by the Trustees and which may be adapted from time to time. The HHOA will be responsible for the maintenance of common areas only, for security and matters of common concern. Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Architectural Guidelines and the fact that the HHOA’s Architectural Review Committee must approve all building plans. The primary function of this committee is to ensure that all buildings at Harbour Town conform to acceptable aesthetic and functional standards, which, of course, is in the interest of all owners. All owners are obliged to pay a monthly levy to the HHOA in respect of each stand. This levy will be used to maintain common areas, pay staff wages, and pay for the security service at Harbour Town. With effect from 1 April 2004 the levy will be R700-00 per month (including VAT) but it is subject to periodic review by the Trustees.
    • What is the Harbour Town Club?
      All owners and their families automatically become members of the Club, and this entitles them to use and enjoy the facilities of the Clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, slipway, launch facilities and jetties. Owners may also apply for golfing membership which, in addition to the benefits enjoyed by a social member, will entitle them to the use of the 9-hole “Classic Par 3” golf course. In terms of the Constitution, the fees (if any) and charges (if any) may be amended from time to time by the General Committee of the Club.
    • What is the ‘architectural language?
      The Developers have appointed two prominent and award winning architectural practices to be responsible for the design and working drawings of all the homes and building forms within the Estate. The firms are, Meyer Pienaar (who is also the project’s Urban Designers) as well as Neil Powell Neil, both of whom have had extensive experience with the design and controls required within gated communities. Further, the Developer has negotiated a very favourable market related fee structure with both practices. The choice of which practice to use will be up to the individual owners. No external architects or draught persons shall be eligible to submit final working drawings to the Architectural Committee. However, owners may use external designers to draught sketch plans within the guidelines for submission to the preferred practices for final design and execution. The 4 distinct architectural styles designated for Harbour Town: • Vermont or Cape Cod • Scandinavian • Mediterranean • Beach House All of these architectural languages have been carefully blended together to create a vibrant architectural. While there is scope for individual flair, certain design elements will achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. Each home will be individually designed to the respective owner’s specifications and personal requirements in one of the above approved architectural styles. There is no grouping of the various styles. Strict height, building line and bulk or massing guidelines shall apply in order to give all owners the best views possible. Certain stands may have pre-demarcated building platforms.
    • Who will build my house?
      For the integrity of the Estate, the Developer will provide a limited selection of appropriately qualified construction companies. These will be reputable, stable companies that will have to comply with the strict building guidelines in place and be policed by the Developer and HHOA. All approved Contractors will be required to sign the Contractor’s Code of Conduct.) The client will both appoint and pay the architect and contractor directly. Given the relatively remote location of Harbour Town, there are only a few minor Contractors locally available which the Developer believes could not provide the required level of quality or service required for a development of the magnitude of Harbour Town.
    • What boating facilities are available?
      Harbour Town was named for the harbour which, as previously mentioned, is one of the largest inland man-made harbours in the Southern Hemisphere. Constructed by Mr Walter Goldblatt some 16 years ago, the harbour stretches almost one kilometre by 600 metres and could potentially berth between 750 and 1000 boats. In addition, Harbour Town boasts 600 metres of private waterfront directly into the harbour. Stand 229 has been designated as the boatyard or locker site. The Developer will construct 120 boat lockers for sale to owners in Harbour Town. However, given the freehold residential one status of stands in the development, owners may elect to build a boat garage/s as part of their main dwelling (provided they comply with all the architectural guidelines). Tractor launch facilities will be available to all owners and their guests from the slipway next to the boat yard. A limited number (30 or 40) permanent jetties will be available on a first come, first serve basis, with the idea being that powerboats are only berthed for a relatively short period (i.e. not a permanent berth). A fair amount of area will available on the beach for temporary beaching of other motorized watercraft such as jet-skis etc. Large yachts will have to be individually anchored a short way out in the harbour and reached by the small Club tender, with smaller Hobie-cat type craft being beached. All other non-motorised water sports like kayaking, canoeing, paddle-skiing etc. can take place from the harbour onto the dam. Alternatively they can be used on the extensive Dabchick Dam within Harbour Town.
    • What are all the facilities offered by Harbour Town?
      The Estate will have the following for the use of all owners and their guests: • Massive open spaces, landscaped parks, picnic and recreational areas • 9-hole “classic par 3” golf course • A well-appointed Club House with kitchen and bar equipment • Solar heated swimming pool • Two tennis-courts • Various braai points, gazebos etc. • Children’s entertainment facilities including jungle gyms and trampolines • Walking and jogging trails through out the development • Large internal “Dabchick Dam” • Boat lockers and trailer storage area • Slipway and tractor launch service • Walk-on jetties and berthing facilities • Weather protected harbour
    • Who is the Developer?
      The Accolade Property Group. As one of Gauteng’s premier developers it has completed many successful housing and security estate projects over the years and has arguably one of the leading package building contracts divisions on the Reef. A highly professional team of staff and contractors as well as sound financial backing backs all this up. More detailed information is available at http://www.accoladepropertygroup.com/ or in our marketing material.
    • Other questions
      These above Frequently Asked Questions cover the basic information required regarding Harbour Town and its environment. However, should you have any additional queries, please contact our sales staff directly. Alternatively you could email or fax our office and we will reply as soon as possible. Email: miker@accoladepg.co.za Telephone: (011) 465-2612 Fax: (011) 465-1437 Cell: 083 251 3269 Mike Russell